KNX Lighting Automation

HELEN MÜHENDİSLİK performs the projecting and commissioning processes in the field of lighting automation systems with expert engineer staff in an efficient and trouble-free manner. From 1 + 0 apartments to airports, it can provide services in a wide range of projects. Thanks to the advantage of KNX as a brand independent system, it can provide customized solutions for each project. In projects that use this system effectively, it is able to combine many functions, brands and products with customer and solution focus, and to enable the right product selection and integration capability.
By combining all of its experience with customer expectations, it provides maximum efficiency by integrating all KNX systems with all other systems.
In lighting automation, as well as line-based controls of conventional ballasts, as well as programming of ballast, which are used in many areas from industrial to hotels, are provided with armature and group-based controls, control of fixed light level with sensors and energy efficiency. With the control of the ballasts, lamp failures, electrical line failure, lamp life and battery occupancy rate of emergency luminaires provide many advantages to ensure the sustainability of the plant with detailed reporting and time reports by performing function tests.