As HELEN MÜHENDİSLİK, it is our biggest goal to adopt a total quality management approach and to produce and maintain quality in customer demand and legal regulations and conditions. To achieve this goal; To ensure the continuity of the satisfaction of our customers by keeping the expectations of our customers accurately and to ensure the continuity of the satisfaction of our customers. To see our suppliers that affect our service quality as a chain of the chain and to incorporate them in the continuous improvement plan.
Since 2011, we have been serving in the field of low and medium voltage panel production within HELEN ENGINEERING. In the projects involved, we continue our activities from the perspective of solution partners, not suppliers.
In our 1200 m2 facility located in Ferhatpaşa, we can fully respond to all medium and low voltage panel needs with our expert team of 20-30 people consisting of sales marketing, project management, project design and competent assembly staff.
7400A, we also provide field testing & commissioning, supervision and after-sales maintenance & repair services. IP30 to IP65 protection classes, Form1 to Form4 all form classes, we serve our customers with our designs.