Energy Monitoring System

he energy used by institutions and organizations to increase energy efficiency should be monitored and managed well. Data such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and energy meters and communication meters can be monitored. All buildings (commercial, industrial, residential lu) are reported graphically in terms of energy consumption monitoring, quality of energy, reactive consumption status, harmonic status, invoice analysis, invoicing, unit energy consumption, energy density values. In addition to these, Energy Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems which include load receiving, load sharing and synchronization systems are among the Helen Engineering solutions.
Energy Monitoring and Billing;
⁃ Providing communication between meter or energy analyzers via Modbus communication protocol
⁃ Ine Calculation of consumed energy, reactive consumption cost and invoice design according to operator's request
⁃ Or Providing the communication of calorimeters via Mbus protocol for heat cost sharing
⁃ M All energies consumed are stored on an SQL data-based system and reported to the end-user on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
⁃ Ası Stop the energy consumption in the energy consumed by the operator over the limit, and accordingly inform the consumer via message or e-mail
⁃ In Real-time monitoring of the system from a distance as well as locally
⁃ En Regular monitoring of the energy supplying the system with the appropriate energy analyzers
⁃ Sistem Energy Automation SCADA System;
⁃ Jen Design of hardware systems (PLC, RTU etc.) according to the needs of the project
⁃ Ası To ensure that the generators operate at a certain value by removing the overloads or synchronizing by loading the load in the systems running in parallel with the grid
⁃ And Prevention of punishment by demanding and compensating
⁃ Status information of the breakers and breakers located in the center of the building and taking into account the scenario determined by the operator according to this information
⁃ Monitoring of energy on the SCADA automation system at the points determined by the operator (via energy analyzers) and energy control when necessary