Electric Panel Production

HELEN MÜHENDİSLİK which produces the world in electrical panel production, makes the power distribution of the low voltage energy in your facility reliable and continuous from the point of entry of the energy to the most socket outlet by responding in the most correct way to your needs in the main distribution board, secondary distribution board.

Type Test

Type tests are tests that guarantee reliability and safety. These tests are carried out by special laboratories with factory made connections, distribution and connection systems.
The tiptestlerideney
► Monitoring of temperature increase
► Inspection of insulation properties
► Monitoring of short-circuit resistance
► Checking the efficiency of the protective circuit
► Monitoring of insulation distances and surface insulation distance
► Monitoring of mechanical functionality
► Monitoring of degree of protection


Forming or partitioning is the installation of the panel protection and partitioning parts. Forming; critical parts are prevented from coming into contact with each other.
In general, if we explain the types of forms;
Form 1: Switchgear devices and busbars are placed inside the protective panel. If the front door is opened, all devices can be intervened. Energy is cut off when working in the cabinet.
Form 2: The busbar and switchgear devices in the panel are separated from each other. Form 2 is divided into busbar unit and control unit. In Form 2a, the separation of the busbars from the task units is not separated from the busbars. In Form 2b, the separation of the busbars from the task unit is separated from the busbars.
Form 3: It is called Form 3a, together with the busbar unit, to separate all output units in the control unit from each other independently. In Form 3b, the connection points of all the output units in the independent output unit are separated by the cable hall.
Form 4: Each output unit is independent of each other and the process of performing the output units in the same cell is called Form 4a. The most comprehensive form is Form 4b. Form 4b; This is the process of separating the busbars, including the terminals of the functional units and the output conductors of all functional units.

Equipment Mobility Of Boards

The easier it is to intervene in panels, the greater the safety and control. It provides equipment mobility in two ways: fixed type and drawer type. Low voltage panels were fixed in the company I went to. But in the other company I went to medium voltage boards, the drawer type was used.

Rutintest On

► Cable inspection and electrical functionality testing
► Insulation test
► Protection measures and electrical continuity of protection circuits.
Anything that needs to be looked at from a security point of view is taken into consideration in this type of test. Type tests are essential for all electrical panel systems as long-life plant guarantees reliability of reliability.